I’m trying to keep the food simple this week as I am baking and icing biscuits with my friend as favours for her wedding so there are a few late nights ahead.  We are going for a Biscuiteers style biscuit like these ones I made for Valentines day.

I feel like I have bitten off a bit more than I can chew though as I have some plums that need to be turned into jam before they turn to mush, we need more muesli and still need to make a lentil loaf for tonight (we’re going healthy and low fat this week – the wedding is in France and we are spending a few days there beforehand for the purpose of gorging ourselves on cheese and wine a short holiday for the boys).

Thankfully the eldest is at nursery today and the youngest is having a nap so I have a little time to make a start.

So, I ended up rushing the lentil loaf and it tasted good but the mixture was too wet so it was more dhal than loaf.  On the plus side I have three jars of plum jam, banana/hazelnut/apricot muesli, beef stock cooking in the slow cooker and bread dough rising in the fridge overnight, and a rather messy kitchen.