The art of yoghurt-making eluded me for years.  I’m not sure why.  A friend who makes yoghurt for her family every week gave me her recipe which never failed her but I was too tired and pregnant to bother trying at that point.  By the time I emerged from the newborn phase I had lost the recipe but was ready to give it another go before admitting defeat and buying a yoghurt maker.

I now have a recipe that works for me.  A cross between Nigel Slater’s version and the one that appears in the English version of I Know How to Cook (and probably the French one too).

So, on Friday nights (yoghurt making is the new going out), armed only with a digital thermometer and hot water bottle I make enough yoghurt to last the week – just over a kilo!  I wrap it up with a tea towel and hot water bottle before going up to bed and I like to sneak down on Saturday mornings to do the wobble test before anyone else wakes up.