I’m starting to think that opinions about liver are divided in the way of Marmite or Vegemite.  You either love it, or you hate it.  I’m not sure about Chicken Liver Pate though.  I think it is divine and find it difficult to imagine anyone not liking it.  I have a theory that once you’ve got past the thought of it being liver then surely you’ve got to give in to the deliciousness.  Unless you are vegetarian of course (which, believe it or not, I once was).  Anyway, let me know.  If you really don’t like it.

I am a creature of habit when it comes to CLP.  I always mean to try different recipes but, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  So, this is the one for me, every time.  I’m branching out today by taking the recommendation of a good friend, and often partner in culinary crime, of putting a few sultanas in the bottom of the ramekin.  Soaked in cognac.  I’m not sure if that was also her recommendation but it seemed like the right thing to do.

I usually make double quantities of this recipe and freeze most of it.  You can then get it out of the freezer the night before you want to use it.  So far I haven’t been able to discern any negative effects of freezing and I sleep much better knowing I have a starter stashed away for future use.

Monty Python, The Meaning of Life, in case you were wondering.