Given that I have had to start using Thai curry pastes in almost homeopathic quantities since the boys started eating solids I have found little point in making my own curry pastes for the time being.  I know, I know, they keep well in a jar in the fridge (and I could probably even freeze them) but my poor brain just can’t cope with any recipe that has more than about ten ingredients just now.  So, for mid-week meals at least, a good quality commercial curry paste will be just fine for the moment, thank you!

This noodle recipe isn’t intended to be authentic but something accessible for the boys and quick to put together at the end of the day (I tend to chop the veggies at lunchtime when the little one is having a nap).  Once everything is plated up I add extra finely sliced red chilli, coriander and spring onion to the adult portions to give it a much needed kick!

I’m hoping that these introductions to small amounts of spicy flavourings as part of a long term goal of one day being able to all sit down together and having a decent curry.

On the sweet and spicy front I made some eccles cakes today.  To be served with Wensleydale cheese.  Something traditionally British for my sister-in-law to try.  If there are any left by the time she wakes up in the morning.