It has been a month, or maybe even two, of cakes.  Not only the Fire Engine Cake but there was also a banana loaf, a Malteser Cake for my son’s family birthday tea, that pavlova and those macaroons.  Not to mention my friend’s wonderful pear and caramel patisserie and lots of delicious toddler birthday cakes.   Something had to give.  Preferably not my waistband.

I’m planning a month of lighter cooking before the urge to slow cook huge joints of meat takes over me when we start to feel the cool of the autumn upon us.

We started well with a basil and balsamic tomato pasta.  My son and I also baked bramley apples, one of his favourites (which distracted him a little from getting on with eating the main course).  He washed the apples and filled the cored centres with mixed dried fruit (for anyone in the UK, Waitrose Wholesome No. 30 – Vine Fruit Mix is my favourite), soft brown sugar and a little butter.  There might have been a slight downfall as we found some leftover double cream at the back of the fridge!