There has been a whole LOT of baking going on in the BFTB household this week.  In fact it has not just been confined to the BFTB household, I’ve gone mobile and taken bigas and bowls out and about.  And what fun it has been, a fabulous Saturday afternoon and (very late and mince-pie laden) Thursday night baking bread with friends and sharing gossip and a little wine along the way.  All, apparently willing, volunteers to try out a bread-making workshop.

We made basic bread rolls and bloomers and then got creative, designing our own enriched sweet or savoury breads, which ranged from focaccia to cheese bread to lemon brioche, all based around the same template recipe.  My demonstration piece was an Orange and Almond Christmas Bread which tasted delicious but, having made (and eaten) it four times this week, I was not at all surprised when my jeans seemed suspiciously tight this morning.

All this coincided with BBC 2’s The Big Bread Experiment which charted a group’s journey to establish a community bakery and saw them grow as bakers, as individuals and as a community along the way.  Heart-warming stuff.

It is so exciting to see people enthusing about making bread.  It tastes good and is fun to make, so grab a friend and go and bake!