Every Saturday morning the Estate Agents in Melbourne come out in force, rain or shine, with their portable ‘Open for Inspection’ placards.  They are followed by an eager troupe of people searching for the perfect home.  Over recent weeks we have been part of that troupe, following the agents from one property to the next, getting to know them and often bumping into the same families at different viewings.

It is tiring and hunger-inducing work so we’ve taken to taking a break at The Burger Lounge in Eltham.

In past visits to Melbourne we have eaten at my husband’s old haunts or, more recently, followed the excellent recommendations of my sister-in-law and her friends.  I’m trying to find a little bit of my ‘own’ Melbourne and The Age Cheap Eats 2012 is a handy little guide that is helping me to find it and led us to the Burger Lounge.  The guide claims that you can eat well at any of the eateries for $30 a head for two courses, excluding drinks.  This has become our challenge – we’re not allowed to spend more than $30 each at any of the restaurants included in the guide.

This isn’t difficult at our new favourite eatery – the Classic Burger is just $9.95 although my favourite, the Salmon Burger, is a little more expensive at around $13.00.  The buns are proper buns (La Madre Bakery Sourdough, pumpkin seed-topped, very soft) and the (locally sourced, free range/hormone-free) meat cooked to perfection.  The boys love it here and have been bribed encouraged to join us on a couple of house-seeking missions with the promise of a burger for lunch.

Thankfully, we’ve found a house now and will be moving in a couple of weeks – the burgers are great but there are only so many even we can eat!