Monday 1 – Sunday 7 August

Chard and Chickpea Ribolitta (leftovers)

Noodles with chicken and coconut cream

Jacket Potatoes

Beetroot Risotto with Greens

Leftover risotto!

BBQ sausages with homemade rolls and green salad

Homemade Pizza and salad

Monday 8 August – Sunday 14 August

Spaghetti bolognaise

Creamy Polenta with Peas and Broad Beans





Hummous, veggies and pitta bread

Monday 15 August – Sunday 21 August


Roast Chicken

Ragu Alla Napoletana Con Penne (from Carluccio’s Complete Italian Food)

More Roast Chicken!

Jacket Potatoes

Courgette Risotto

Barbecue – Barnsley Chop, Butchers Sausages, semi-dried tomatoes, homemade bread rolls

Monday 22 August – Sunday 28 August

Noodles with Chicken and Coconut Cream

Sausage Ragu on Cheesy Polenta

Homemade Pizza

Jacket Potatoes

Sweetcorn Chowder

Big Family Birthday Tea – Sausage and Lamb Burger BBQ, Nigella Lawson’s Malteser Cake

Pasta and Polpette

Monday 29 August – Wednesday 31 August

BBQ Monkfish and pancetta on Rosemary Skewers, Pavlova with Damson Cream and Raspberries


Jacket Potatoes, Beetroot Salad