Seeded Ale Baguettes (makes four small baguettes)


Dried Yeast – 1tsp (4-5g)

Malthouse Flour – 200g

Strong White Flour – 300g

Water – 100ml

Good Quality Real British Ale – 250ml (plus extra for brushing on the rising dough)

Mixed seeds – approximately 8 tbsp (I used a mixture of poppy, sesame, pumpkin and linseed)

Salt – 1 1/2 tsp

Semolina flour for sprinkling


Two days before baking: Mix together the water, 100g malthouse flour and the yeast in a bowl and leave covered at room temperature overnight.

One day before baking: Add the remaining flour, ale, salt and about 2/3 of the seeds. Mix to a dough and knead for around 10 minutes until the dough is smooth and stretchy.  It is a moderately damp dough so it will still feel a little sticky.  Leave in a cool place to rise overnight.

On the day of baking: Shape the dough into four short baguettes (using a little semolina flour if needed), brush with more ale and cover with the remaining seeds.  Place on a baking stone (or baking sheet covered with parchment paper) sprinkled with semolina flour.  Leave to rise until doubled in size (mine took two hours in a cool kitchen).

When the baguettes are fully proved brush with more ale and place in the oven heated to its highest temperature and bake for around 30 minutes, checking them after 20 minutes.  Remove to a cooling rack when the baguettes are a deep brown colour.