If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit Angelina tea house in Paris you may have treated yourself to their world-famous Mont Blanc.  I seem to remember that I settled for watching my friend eat one while soaking up the atmosphere and taking a rest from the over-indulgence of lunch (not to mention breakfast).

A few weeks ago, when I tasted the medlars that have been slowly rotting under my bed, they reminded me a bit of chestnut puree and a little of slightly rotten apples.  I thought they would lend themselves well to a sort of British style Mont Blanc.  A Ben Nevis perhaps.

All the medlars were fully bletted when I opened up the box today.  Some of them had gone a bit too far in that direction, being a bit green around the gills, and I had to discard them.  I peeled the papery skins from the others, squeezed out the dark, slightly floury flesh and removed the seeds.  A little orange zest, orange juice and brown sugar lifed the flavour a little and I added a some water and blitzed the mixture in a mini food processor to make a smooth paste.

I then topped individual vanilla meringues with some lightly whipped cream and the puree and served to my slightly nervous husband who pronounced “I like it.  But I’m not really sure what to make of it”.  I think I agree.

Most importantly I’m really happy to have finally tasted medlars both unadulterated and in a dessert.