When my husband and I first moved in together we both had long commutes to work, in opposite directions, for about a year.  In the summer we rewarded ourselves for all our hard work (!) by having a barbecue over a glass of wine several times a week.  Thankfully we had (and still have) a gas barbecue so I didn’t have endure the “man make fire – ug” thing in addition to the long commute.

Pigs and Figs came about as a late summer/early autumn meal just as we were starting to wonder how much longer we could bear to eat sitting out in the garden in the cooler evenings.  The figs are coated in balsamic vinegar, a little brown sugar or maple syrup and some olive oil and then barbecued alongside thin slices of pancetta.

It takes about five minutes to prepare and ten minutes to cook and is just right served as a starter or light main meal with some good bread, lambs lettuce and a glass of prosecco.  It also sits in that perfect place, somewhere between savoury and sweet, that is ideal for a weekend brunch.