I’ve said before that cupcakes aren’t really my style, and I’m dubious about anything with more icing than cake, but I was really excited about spending the afternoon with my friend at a cupcake decorating workshop.  It was great fun and we came away with a clutch of very pretty, rather girly cakes.

I thought I would be happy to stay away from the glitter after we were told that so-called edible glitters are not edible but merely non-toxic but, once I had put glitter on just one to try it out, I got a bit carried away and ended up with glitter all over my cakes (and my clothes and face apparently).  Maybe I’m starting to understand the cupcake craze just a little bit.

We left in agreement that we are definitely rustic cooks but that once we’ve mastered the ‘cupcake swirl’ and ‘rose swirl’ and invested in a few sparkly bits even we could manage to make these cakes look pretty.  My toddler was pretty excited about the results and wanted to lick the icing off and eat the roses but leave the cake.  He obviously doesn’t share my feelings about appropriate icing/cake ratios.