I’m still in the ‘can’t have too much of a good thing’ phase with blackberries.  It is only the first week in August after all.  It might last a while for me but I might have to rein myself in a bit when my husband starts throwing me a slightly nauseated look at the appearance of yet another blackberry creation.

Part of the problem is that my toddler loves blackberry picking (choosing to do that rather than go to the water park today) and then you have to do something with all the blackberries (although more go in his mouth directly than come home in his basket).

Anyway, today’s delight was a just-set blackberry jelly.  Pretty much the same recipe as the sorbet but with enough gelatine to set the liquid.  I infused a little mint with it today.   I felt they belonged together since the mint was growing in amongst the blackberries.  Not everyone agreed.