I love blackberries but the pips, well, they give me the pip.  Bad puns aside, I avoided any blackberry-based dessert for years for that reason.  I later realised that if they are mixed with other fruit or the berries are big and juicy enough you don’t notice the pips so much.  No problem with that this year as the berries are positively gigantic!

Having said that, my very favourite blackberry recipe is Delia Smith’s Quick Bramble Jelly.  It is best to wait until at least August before making it as the sweetest, juiciest berries give the best results.  The recipe says that it keeps for only a month but I have made it a few times now and it has kept for quite a bit longer than that.

I have had one and a half kilos of berries lurking in the fridge since the weekend and they really needed to be used but has been much too hot for jam-making so I gave them a quick (twenty minutes on a lowish heat) stew with 10% sugar and served some of them with yoghurt after dinner.

I strained the remainder (just over a kilo) through a fine sieve (which gave me 600ml of juice), added the juice of a lemon, put it in the fridge to chill and waited as long as I could bear before churning it in my ice cream maker.