A neighbour of my Mother-in-Law has a kumquat (or Chinese orange, apparently) bush positively heaving with ripe fruit.  At least we think it is a kumquat bush, the fruits are the right size, colour etc but are rounder than I remember them to be.

I must put it out of my mind as I have only been here a few days and don’t know the neighbour at all.

In the meantime I have been distracting myself with other citrussy activities.  It seems that nearly every garden in Melbourne has at least one lemon tree and a visit to a friend with a lemon tree proved fruitful (although he probably regretted it after the boys pulled rather too enthusiastically at the branches to pick the lemons).

We decided to make lemon and lime leaf (something else readily available here) jelly.  My eldest was beside himself with excitement and kept telling the youngest that he had to go for a nap so that we could do cooking.  He forgets that his brother now understands what he is saying and, needless to say, did not comply when he thought there might be something interesting to sabotage.

It turned out that a 1:1 ratio of lemon juice to water was not the right ratio to make lemon jelly appealing to most palettes.  My eldest loved it but it was too sharp for everyone else. He was quite pleased about that and merrily finished the entire bowl alone.