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Back in July I wrote about two of my favourite loaves – Altamura (Semolina) Bread and a variant, Semolina, Raisin and Fennel Bannock from Andrew Whitley’s wonderful book Bread Matters – Why and How to Make Your Own which, like Andrew’s breadmaking workshops, challenges the way we think about and bread and, to an extent, the way we live our modern lives.  Andrew has very kindly agreed to allow me to reproduce his recipe on Breadfortheboys.

Make this bread slowly.  Like most good breads it needs just a few small interventions from the baker and, given time, will produce a beautiful, well-flavoured loaf.  Perfect for busy lives. And for breakfast.

One of my most memorable breakfasts was at a little cafe at Bronte Beach in Sydney – poached figs with spiced ricotta and raisin toast.  Everything was delicious: the food, the company, the sunshine, the view of the beach and the sea.  Happy Days.

I make this breakfast from time to time on summer days when it is warm enough to have breakfast in the garden.  So, not very often!

It was raining today but I decided I wanted to make this breakfast anyway as my brain had been nagging at me to make it.  This was probably because we had originally planned to track down a fig tree near my parents’ house but, sadly, didn’t have time.  Since our foraging trip had yielded such a bumper haul of plums it seemed a shame to buy some figs so I decided to make a similar (and rather hastily presented) breakfast with plums poached with brown sugar and a vanilla pod I found lurking at the back of my Mum’s kitchen cupboard.